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    Most chat sites are stuck with one type of chat software but we offer many chats to all our users and let you pick the one you like best. As a woman, you should not settle for someone who is not your type, yet also have to be realistic in what you want and who can adapt it out there. Meeting a stranger could make anyone uncomfortable. If you want to engage in edgy, delicious roleplaying with willing participants either in private or in the main, please always be aware to not break the law.

    Diego luna dating

    Overall Carbon is a solid composition and it brings something different to the table. I have been told it smells like some strange things, fly spray, shoe polish ha but dam this stuff is good none the less.It projects really well--I smell this all day while I'm wearing it--but it's never heavy or thick. This one will hang onto your skin for over 12 hours. You can smell this on the other side of the world, Really hope they don't reformulate it. I never review any of my fragrances but this one had to be an exception.

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    Looks like they are dating, but trying to keep away from the commitment!

    The signature Prada soapiness is very prominent in this fragrance. The soapiness in Prada has always had a luxurious bar of soap-vibe. There is something in the scent and performance that hold me from rebuying. I sprayed some on my wrist as I left the store, and tested it with Sauvage as I came home sprayed on the other wrist. Carbon also is very much a fragrance built around a singular accord (despite how many "notes" went into creating that accord).

    Dior Sauvage is still far better for my taste scent and performance wise. the top was great, a sweet, ambery fougere; the middle is more fougere with a little bit of metallic note but not this metal, soil, coal thing that is advertised; lime, pepper, aquatic, some patch but mainly lavender and ambroxan I feel that i have to mention sauvage in this review although all i can say is this fragrance is much more polished and mature and i can take this one over sauvage anyday, i used to love any francois demachy creation but daniella andrier had made not just a better version of sauvage but the best perfume in this category since we can't say it's a clone because this one is going in a direction of a good aromatic citrusy lavender fragrance with ambroxan. If I had to buy just one, it would be Prada Luna Rossa Carbon. It's mostly linear, with this one singular accord persisting for its duration.

    Luna Rossa Carbon by Prada is a Aromatic Fougere fragrance for men. Top notes are bergamot and pepper; middle notes are lavender, soil tincture, watery notes, metallic notes and coal; base notes are patchouli and ambroxan. You've got passionate pro-Carbon enthusiasts and pro-Sauvage enthusiasts, along with fervent Carbon critics and Sauvage critics....... The main notes i smell on this Frag is metallic-carbonish thing, Mixed with lavender, which is more acceptable for me than Sauvage Does anyone else think of Hans Solo being frozen in carbonite when they smell this fragrance? If I can imagine Hans Solo's cryogenic sarcophagus before it froze as this vat filled with a dark, liquid shaving cream like substance, and a dry-ice mist rising from the vat, then that mist and the liquid below it might just smell like Luna Rossa Carbon.

    The nose behind this fragrance is Daniela (Roche) Andrier. Longevity easily pass 6 hours and project pretty cool and not kind on your face type. The reviews for Prada Carbon remind me of a "political forum".... The only reason I dislike Carbon is the harsh ambroxan. Overall it's a decent modern ambroxan scent, fresh/spicy, versatile with dominant ambroxan, lavender, bergamot and mild metalic notes. It is share same DNA with sauvage butt smell less sweet than Sauvage.

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