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    Some of these cases seem fairly well attested, in particular the following, which appeared in a medical journal.

    In 1827, an article describing a cow-human hybrid, born alive, appeared in the May-June issue of Magazin der ausländischen Literatur der gesammten Heilkunde (Schreter 1827, pp. The Magazin, published by two Hamburg physicians, Nikolaus Heinrich Julius (1783-1862) and Georg Hartog Gerson (1788-1844), was a German medical periodical anthologizing foreign literature of interest to doctors.

    As the news of the birth spread through the village and several farmers had seen the monster, they demanded that the cow be slaughtered, because these superstitious peasants took it for a being that would bring hail and flood down upon the village. But in recent years, scientists have also artificially produced cow-human hybrids by mixing human and cow DNA.

    When that same day the news reached the coal mines at Siverić [a village adjacent to Tepljuh], no one could believe it. For example, technicians have succeeded in inserting human chromosomes into the cow genome, and the resulting animals are viable.

    On the chest are two rounded breasts with well-formed, prominent areolae 2.5 inches in circumference. But Schreter’s is not the only report published in a medical journal. 12), an account is given of various freak animals preserved by a local taxidermist, E. The eyes were close together, eyebrows were present, the nose was ape-like and the jaw perfectly human.” Lunenburg, Vermont. Johnsbury, Vermont: has in his possession the body of a calf that has a perfect human face, the only thing of its kind ever known to scientists.

    These mammae are elevated somewhat (about half an inch) above the surrounding surface, as in a young woman. Mc Carthy.] So this cow-human hybrid described by Schreter differs from the Minotaur of Greek myth, in having a human head and body, but the tail and legs of a cow. The following, published in The Medical Brief (vol. Another, relatively recent case is reported in the St. He will exhibit this freak at the Caledonia County Fair.

    The torso and buttocks are like those of a human being, but the body is longer in proportion to the extremities. Most accounts of the Cretan Minotaur give him the head of a bull. C., Northern Mesopotamia, Metropolitan Museum of Art). The calf is Holstein and has a black and white body, but the head and face are in human form, except the ears.

    So out of curiosity a number of men went to the neighboring village to see the monster for themselves. But cow-human hybrids of this sort, for example those used in the production of vaccines, are usually taken only to the embryonic stage.

    Among these was Postmaster Colic, who confirmed the news and who is regarded as a reliable witness. More information In addition, Terada et al (2004) produced early-stage cow-human hybrids by microinjecting human spermatozoa into cattle eggs (83% of the injected eggs became activated).

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