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    Spring ws payloadvalidatinginterceptor

    I'm walking through the following tutorial: and I faced a problem.I don't know whether it's an expected outcome or some kind of a bug.This is not just a missing detail in the documentation; the problem is that this method is both implemented and used inconsistently in Spring-WS itself: In the previous section we have seen that the problems with MTOM processing in Spring-WS are caused by a flaw in the design of the Spring-WS API.There is therefore no easy fix and a proper solution will require changes to the API.That new API would be easy to implement in the Axiom based implementation because Axiom already provides the necessary APIs for that.The case is less trivial for SAAJ because that API doesn’t perform any XOP decoding itself.The problem with Spring-WS is that in contrast to SAAJ and Axiom, it doesn’t have a well defined MTOM processing model.

    In this kind of technique, the xml schema and the wsdl are generated by the framework.It's about the behaviur of the Payload Validating Interceptor.It validates well all elements described in the XSD, but it also allows elements not defined in the XSD to be in the payload.The file can be located under the lib folder of spring-2.5.6 and spring-ws-1.5.9 distribution. The argument is usually the request object and the return is the response object. Create a new source folder named generated under the project folder. Copy the generated classes from the server project to the generated folder. Person Response [id=1, first Name=Clark, last Name=Kent] Update person's first name sucessfully invoked update. Add package example.client; import org.example.person.schema. Soap Fault Client Exception; import org.soap.security.wss4j. Wss4j Security Interceptor; public class Main Bert is authorized Get person with id=1...bcprov-jdk14-1.43commons-logging-1.1.1log4j-1.2.15opensaml-1.1saaj-impl-1.3.2spring-ws-1.5.9wsdl4j-1.6.1wss4j-1.5.8xalan-2.7.0xerces Impl-2.8.1xml-apis-1.3.04xmlsec-1.4.3xmlsec-2.0xws-security-2.0You can refresh your project to view the generated files. The request and response objects are those generated by JAXB. How these classes were mapped will be shown the next section. There are different ways to declare jaxb un/marshallers, see Results are the same if you reexecute xjc against the schema. Create a log4Logger=WARN, stdout log4j.springframework.ws=OFF log4j.springframework.xml=DEBUG log4j.appender.stdout=org.apache.log4j. Conversion Pattern=%d %p [%c] - %m%n package example.client; import Add Person Request; import org.example.person.schema. Delete Person Request; import org.example.person.schema. Get All Persons Request; import org.example.person.schema. Get All Persons Response; import org.example.person.schema. Get Person Request; import org.example.person.schema. Get Person Response; import org.example.person.schema. Person Response [id=1, first Name=Clark, last Name=Kent] Bert got wrong password Get person with id=1...Since Spring-WS has two implementations, one based on SAAJ and another one based on Apache Axiom let’s start by examining how these two libraries handle MTOM.SAAJ doesn’t perform any kind of XOP decoding (beyond MIME processing): This is the optimal processing model because XOP unaware code will just work (although not necessarily with the best performance) and it is still possible to write code that processes MTOM messages in a highly optimized way (including full streaming support for binary data, introduced in Axiom 1.2.13).Later on deploying the web service, the operation elements become the input/output elements. For example, the Get Person Element generates this wsdl element from the previous section into the WEB-INF folder. Add the following jar files to WEB-INF/lib directory of the project. In this configuration, the bean id of the wsdl is “Person” so we can access the wsdl with this url from resulting directory structure should be similar with this image. The following section shows how to make this operations work implementing and mapping the endpoint. Application Context; import org.springframework.context.support. Class Path Xml Application Context; import org.soap.client. [id=1, first Name=Clark Joseph, last Name=Kent] [id=2, first Name=Bruce, last Name=Wayne] [id=3, first Name=Harold, last Name=Jordan] [id=5, first Name=Lex, last Name=Luthor] In our example we’ll use WSS4J security. Add this person [id=5, first Name=Lex, last Name=Luthor] No WS-Security header found Get person with id=1...These jar files are (roughly) the dependencies I simplified from the echo sample. Person; public class Person Service Impl implements Person Service 9. By now you can deploy the project to an application server and view the wsdl from package example.endpoint; import org.server.endpoint. Abstract Marshalling Payload Endpoint; import example.service. Person Service; public abstract class Abstract Person Endpoint extends Abstract Marshalling Payload Endpoint method. Web Service Gateway Support; public class Person Client Impl extends Web Service Gateway Support implements Person Client package example.client; import Soap Fault Client Exception; public class Main Get person with id=1... More information on how use use WSS4j security can be found at spring ws documetation. No WS-Security header found Update person's first name No WS-Security header found Delete person with id=9999 No WS-Security header found Get all persons... Although we can hard code the securement Username and the securement Password, well do this on the runtime when the program has to switch usernames to test against the server’s list of usernames. Application Context; import org.springframework.context.support. Class Path Xml Application Context; import org.soap.client.There are several known issues related to MTOM (or more generally XOP) processing in Spring-WS.This article identifies the common root cause of these issues and discusses a possible (long term) solution.To keep things simple, we’ll use an in-memory Map datasource instead of a database. There are many tools out there to generate schema from xml such as Trang command and XMLBeans’s ints2xsd.For our simple example, I personally like doing it by hand.It requires knowledge of SOAP, xml schema, xml frameworks, and marshallers.

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